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First off.. I fuckin love music, doodling, & my friends & family.. My real names Baleigh Legg. My last name's Weird, I know. I love pretty much all music butttt I have my favorites & my least favorites. I'm addicted to piercings & tattoos. I have 7/16 gauges and 2 Ball Pythons named Roman & Gucci~ -I love snakes & sharks.. etc. I wasn't raised to be a pussy. So don't expect me to be one. My favorite color is red. And last but not least; I live in Texas. But I'm out of here in the next year!

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    Is there anything more exciting than getting new bras and underwear

    Having someone to take them off

    You win this time

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    wow he really hates school

    This guy speaks to me on a spiritual level

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why didn’t i do that


    why didn’t i do that

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